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WooCommerce order export

Flexible, highly customizable export plugin for WooCommerce:

  • order exports as valid file in XLSX, CSV, XML and JSON standards
  • ability to customize labels and column sorting on user account level
  • massive amounts of hooks and filters for update-save customization
  • third party support (e.g. custom invoice IDs exportable from WooCommerce Germanized)
  • user role editor support
  • multi-language-ready
  • finest┬ácode quality
  • custom features through filter extension manager

Supports Industry Standards

While most export tools allow order export in CSV and Excel format only, we support XML following openTrans standard as well as JSON, too.

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce order export

Customize Export

Give the columns custom names or change sorting via drag&drop.

WooCommerce order export

Extend to exactly fit your needs

A big amount of WordPress filters/hooks allow you to totally customize the plugin in an updatesave way. We have a powerful filter extension manager implemented, allowing you to add your own extensions to the plugin on an update save and stable way.

WooCommerce order export

Free filter extension included

To give you an idea, how easy it is to implement an extension by your own, we’ve included an extension for free: “Filter by product author (currently logged in user)” allows you to export orders of products from currently logged in author only.

Multi Language Support

Translations for English and German included. Add your own translations or edit existing updatesave.

Third Party Support

WooCommerce Subscriptions

Full support for exporting Subscriptions as Excel, CSV and JSON – export them all or filter by status.

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce order export

User Role Editor

Allow users other than admins to use this plugin via User Role Editor plugin.

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce Germanized

Invoice-ID field will be available if WooCommerce Germanized is installed.

TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Full support for TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options (see manual for more information)

TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options Integration examples

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce order export

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro

Full Support for exporting fields from WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro / Woo Checkout Form Designer. All Fields are sortable and can be renamed in export.

Best Coding Quality

We know how frustrating it is being an unwanted beta tester. We give our best to deliver well tested software while not ending up in patchworking every day. Our code is following a professional structural concept based on over 15 years of PHP development experience. We develop plugins on enterprise level following official WordPress Extension Coding Guidelines.

Software made in Germany

We are reliable. That’s why we love to confirm the envato support guidelines for our plugin.


  • Support for Order Meta from Easy Checkoutfields
  • Custom Meta Mapping Feature
  • Webhook Feature – allows you to trigger third-party servers to get notified when a new order arrives including all relevant order details as JSON object
  • Additional Export formats – XLSX, CSV, XML, JSON is not enough for you? Suggest a highly needed format in the plugin comments on envato
  • Additional Filter Extensions – Just ask and we’ll see how we could implement new extensions for our plugin in future

Documentation / Manual

We are proud to deliver a well documented plugin. Open Documentation



  • new feature: customer id
  • bug fixes: some
  • refactoring: just some parts cleaned up


  • new feature: allow to force output within one single row per order
  • new feature: force additional fields
  • new filter module: print each product’s variation in it’s own line


  • improvements: New export fields: Shipping Method and Shipping Costs
  • improvements: New subscription export field: Author Name


  • improvements: Subscriptions Export shows payment method for each subscription
  • improvements: Order Export shows billing phone and order comments
  • bug fixed: several notices and warnings eliminated
  • bug fixed: sometimes no orders were found even they exist – fixed


  • improvements: Shows author IDs for order items in export
  • bug fixed: User Settings were not saved correctly in some cases. To get this bug fixed, you may need to re-type your user settings once again after this patch.


  • new feature: support for “WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro” added
  • improvements: Subscriptions Export shows parent order id and billing email
  • bug fixed: stats not calculated for last month and current month widget when there were orders but no totals
  • bug fixed: Error 500 fixed for custom range export


  • new feature: shows product-item information in new row below order info
  • performance improvement: Dashboard widgets now use stepping for stats calculation and caches these for 24 hours
  • performance improvement: improved way on how to save settings
  • performance stability: Execution time and memory limit are now increased dynamicly by script during runtime when export is running
  • bug fixed: global field settings were not applied – this has been fixed
  • license update: We’ve decided to add a copyright notice into website’s footer for a small range of domains of our direct competitors. If you are affected (which means you are a direct competitor of us), please contact us for a full refund. Removing copyright notice is absolutely prohibited except by deinstalling the plugin – removing would result in a license and/or copyright violation. Most users will not be affected, but those who are will know why.


  • new export: WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Usability: Admin Menu improved
  • bug fixed: PHP notices when no settings were saved


  • new filter module: TM WooCommerce Extra Product Options
  • bug fixed: drag&drop did not work on some environments
  • bug fixed: CSV now more robust against linebreaks in data


  • new export format: JSON
  • new export fields: download_permissions_granted, items_total_sales


  • initial release


Product Page
Live Demo

Download: [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2] [Mirror 3]

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